The Chianti colle Senese

When we travel to Tuscany we “chase the grape” as Jay and I say, to find the vintages and types of wines that appeal to us most. Over time I’ve found that the wines with some body, a little tannin and some complex fruit become my favorites. So red wine almost always accompanies our meals. For dinner we delight in lamb chops, pappardelle e sugo di cinghiale (pasta with wild boar sauce), bistecca alla romana and other meat dishes that require a red wine to compliment and stand up to the game inherent in the Tuscan cuisine. If you can afford it, the Brunello di Montelcino is by far my favorite and vintage 1998 really stands out. Pictured here, with a fabulous lunch from a market that just moved into San Gimignano one sunny morning, is a chianti from Siena. Before this trip I was not aware of Sienese wines. Check them out if you see them on the shelves as an option to the standards from Ruffino. And check out the fresh lamb in a rosticceria or a classic meat sauce with lots of parmigiano when in Toscana.

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