Santa Margherita Ligure: Jewel of the Italian Riviera.

Buon Giorno! Today I am in an Italy state of mind. It’s lunch, I’m at work and I thought I’d post about how beautiful and relaxing Santa Margherita Ligure is. Jay and I loved our seaside hotel here: Hotel Metropole. However, we booked months in advance of our arrival in September and they would not give us a balcony room when most rooms have balconies and views of the sea. We did have a fresco on our ceiling and a lovely view out of the window. But no balcony. The concierge insisted, when I inquired, that, in the future, we should not book through an agent and that was her reason for not honoring our request. We said we were willing to pay an elevated rate for a balcony from the start and all of the other hotels we booked on this vacation accommodated us. Didn’t understand this and will keep in mind that we should consider booking direct unless we’re on a full out tour. Wouldn’t have missed this hotel experience at any rate and wouldn’t have chosen it except for our agent… Tour Italy Now.

Putting that little bit of negativity aside, Santa Margherita Ligure is the best destination for enjoying the rocks into the sea, glorious summer weather, the azure Mediterranean, a day trip to the Cinque Terre fishing villages just south of us and Portofino just north. The town spreads out around the beautiful bay and marina. Fantastic seafood restaurants abound. Wonderful wines throughout the day kept us mellow. The water, sunshine and food on the beach landing at the Metropole were Perfetto! We couldn’t leave the sun and the surf even to visit Portofino! We had heard that Santa Marguerita is a hidden gem and a worthy destination all it’s own and we agree. Who needs the glitz and pretense of the Riviera when your lounge and cocktail are waiting for you on the best ocean front on the bay at the Metropole? I know. This is not Tuscany. I did spend a week after this in Florence. Look for other posts…… P. B.

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