Dreaming of Firenze

I haven’t been here in a while because life takes me in other directions. I will write regularly this year to get this blog going. Jay and I traveled to Paris, Sainte Remy du Provence and Barcelona in September, but 2011 did not bring us to Buon Italia. I had an amazing apartment rented in Florence on the Piazza Signoria at the center of the old city and right behind the Uffizi Gallery. My daughters and I were to commemorate their graduations from UChicago and Columbia, but our plans changed. OMG.

Venus SignoriaHere’s a link to this beautiful apartment:


I left my deposit in for our next opportunity. Love that city. And living in an apartment instead of paying for a hotel room is like living native instead of as an outsider. Have you ever walked down a cobble stone street in the evening in a Tuscan city, looked up to see someone looking out a window from a residence and wondered what it would be like to live there? Who actually lives in Siena or Cortona? I always envision that it will be me.

See you next time…

Venus Signoria

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