Di Patrizia

It’s so nice of you to visit my blog today. If you love Italy and all things Italian, we have a lot in common. I’d love to hear what form your obsession takes and what your favorite things are about Italian culture, art, history, language, wine, cuisine and more.

I sold my boutique advertising agency in Centerport, Long Island last year and I’m now focusing on this life-long conversation about traveling the world, Tuscany and the rest of Italy. I studied in Rome during my Junior Year Abroad at the Tyler School of Art, which made me part Italian from my 20th year on. My background in Fine Art, Art Education and Art History are fuel for my fire. I also work in Visitor Services at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York so I can immerse in art every week. Travel, for me, is the reward for working hard and staying focused… when I’m not dreaming of Italy.


  • Felice says:

    Patucci and Jay!!
    I miss you guys already. I am there in spirit. Blog away and maybe it will fill the void of our early morning phone chats.
    Love you both!!!!!!

    Felice and Russ

  • Dave Wrona says:

    Hi Patrizia,

    I was wondering if you could help a stranger (me), find a jewelry store in Florence (with a web site or email address), that I could contact.
    Several years ago, my wife (Patricia) bought a pair of drop earrings that were White & Yellow Gold and had a “diamond” cut to them. They weren’t expensive, but very unique, and she loved them.
    Unfortunately they were stolen along with other jewelry.
    I would truly appreciate if you could help me find her replacements.
    Yours truly,
    Dave Wrona

  • admin says:

    Beautiful pictures!

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