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Why does a Jewish girl see herself as an American in Tuscany? Because Italy is my synonym for freedom. I grew up self-disciplined and ambitious with non-stop energy. Then, at 20, I ran away from a controlling boyfriend and troubles at home to create some space between child and adulthood. Sometimes I felt like there was no room for me inside my head.

Di Patricia

In fear and excitement I got on a plane to the Eternal City for my Junior year abroad. I sought inspiration and discovery under the indigo blue sky of Rome. I shed all previous expectations and inhibitions. Not only was there no one to tell me what to do, but I didn’t speak the language or understand the culture. I was afloat. Each day was a new experience that was unplanned and unexpected. I was a student of art and history… a foreigner in a foreign land that was at once ancient and brand new. I broke all the rules of my  childhood and used every sense I had to make connections, learn to communicate and explore.

I fell in love with the middle ages, urban architecture of the Renaissance, frescos and sculpture. Da Vinci’s cadaver and invention drawings. Michelangelo’s biblical human landscapes. Raphael’s orderly Stanzas. The Vatican, the Medici and the Borghese begat visual and cultural explosions that survive today because of their power, invention, politics, intellect and complexity.

I am incurably obsessed with everything Italian. No matter where I am, I am always an American in Tuscany… the heart of my fixation and the anchor of my dreams. When I travel, apartments, farm houses and private villas are my hotel. Local flavors, sights and sounds are undeniably seductive. I forget the pressures of American life as I roam the cobbled streets.

So I have begun this blog to connect with your vision of Italy. Lets talk Titian, Giacometti, Vivaldi, Puccini, Raphael, Dante, Caravaggio, Donatello, Brunelleschi or Giotto.  Or go the way of the tongue and the tummy by tasting first press EVO, wines from Chianti and the Val d’Orcia, peasant dishes born on the Tuscan countryside or what ever in is the market down the road. Let’s explore together and share our love of the most beautiful country in the world.


  • Patty! We are neighbors and perhaps paisano when it comes to all things Italian, especially our love of Tuscany. I’m in Northport, about your age (by the sound of your posts) and was also in advertising. We must know each other? Now I teach Commnications, but my dream is to move to Italy, or at least summer there (maybe teach?).
    My family is also planning a big trip to Tuscany next summer (2019) and they want to rent a villa, but they are not an easy bunch (for reasons I won’t elaborate on, ie, food allergies, vegan, diff ages and ability/mobility levels, etc) so I’m not sure if it’s the right thing for us.
    As a cook, I love the idea of the villa, especially the cooking classes. I’m also trying to become fluent. Do you speak italian? It’s so hard to find groups to practice conversation with! Any suggestions?
    You have a beautiful blog, BTW. You are living my fantasy life!

  • Patty says:

    Wow Jennifer! I have had a busy summer and I’m sorry I didn’t see your post earlier. Your name does sound familiar. My company was on Little Neck Road and 25A for over 25 years.

    We have stayed at and visited a number of properties over the years in Toscana and all around Italy. I always try to get to know the owners of the properties. I know some beautiful inns and hotels as well. Do you want to talk more about your potential vacation next year? I normally help friends and relatives plan their trips to Italy. I’m not professional yet. I’m just interested in talking Italy and sharing experiences. I have some suggestions for you.

    Do you want to meet to talk since we appear to have so much in common? My cell number is 631-662-4963. Call or text works. I’ll come into Northport. PB

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